Our Technology

Digital Radiography

Digital X-Rays bypass the chemical processing of traditional film. Less radiation is exposed to the patient while producing the image on a computer immediately. This technique decreases patient appointment time, while increasing quality care thru enhancement of the image aiding in diagnostics. Patient education can be improved by showing and explaining the images on a monitor. Root Canal Therapy and Crown and Bridge work can be instantly checked to guarantee exceptional care.


The Isolite is a barrier that is gently placed into the patient’s mouth. The device allows the patient to rest their teeth on a bite block while the jaw relaxes. The cheek on the side dental work is being completed and the tongue is retracted and protected. Suction is built in to keep saliva, water, and dental materials from collecting in the back of the mouth. Furthermore aspiration and swallowing of dental materials is avoided. The dry working area that is created increases the quality of dentistry by improving bond strength of white fillings and crowns. Patient appointment time is decreased.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera allows the dental team to take digital photographs within a patient’s oral cavity. The photographs will help the patient understand the state of their oral health. Cavities, soft tissue lesions, previous dental work, and new dental work can be displayed on a patient monitor. The photos can be used to aid in shade matching when fabricating veneers, crowns, and bridges.

Rotary Endodontics

Root canals will be completed with an electric motor and hand piece instead of using traditional hand files throughout the procedure. The electric hand piece allows the dentist to negotiate calcified and curved canals with ease improving the quality of treatment and decreasing appointment time. With profound local anesthesia and the quite nature of the hand piece root canals can be completed pain free in a relaxed environment.