Root Canals

Root Canal Treatments Chippewa Falls

Root Canal therapy is needed when the blood vessel and nerve within the tooth has become infected. The tooth may be necrotic or on the verge of becoming necrotic. Teeth become infected due to deep cavities, trauma, fractures, cracks, or malocclusion.

During the procedure the infected tissue is removed within the roots of the teeth. The roots are cleaned and shaped (hollowed) to prevent reinfection and filled in with a rubbery material (gutta percha). With the use of antibiotics when necessary and profound local anesthesia root canals are relatively painless.

Dr. Winn has taken special interest in root canal therapy since dental school. He enjoys treating single and multi-rooted teeth. After a thorough diagnosis the use of proper illumination, magnification, and a quiet electric hand piece results in predictable successful treatment in a relaxed environment.