Dental Hygiene

Dental Clinics Chippewa Falls

We are privileged to have five talented dental hygienists that are committed to maintaining healthy periodontal conditions for our patients. Periodontium refers to the gingiva and bone around the teeth. Routine cleanings are completed on patients that have zero to minimal bone loss, slight gum inflammation, and build up around the crowns of their teeth. 6 month recalls are recommended.

Bone loss is the main indicator in periodontal disease. Bone loss creates pockets around the teeth, mobility of the teeth, and sub gingival build up which permits the hygienist and dentist to diagnose periodontitis. In the early to moderate cases non-surgical scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) is performed by the hygienists. In two appointments the hygienists debride the root surfaces from bacteria with the use of local anesthetic, ultrasonic and hand scalers.

In four to six weeks the patient’s healing will be evaluated to determine if treatment was successful. 3 to 4 month recalls are recommended to maintain the health of the patient. In advanced and unsuccessful non-surgical cases the patients may have to be referred to a specialist. Periodontal disease is a major cause of tooth loss and research has shown that it is correlated to systemic disease.