Root Canals

Problems with your teeth can range from minor to severe and can have a variety of causes ranging from poor dental hygiene to an injury to your tooth. Untreated, even a minor problem such as a small cavity can rapidly transform into a much larger problem that forces you to visit your family care dentistry professionals. It can leave you miserable, in pain, and unhappy. Fortunately, our family care dentistry ensures that everyone in your household can be taken care of regardless of age or need.

Regular visits to your family care dentistry professional can identify problems early. With early intervention, they can be corrected with minimal pain and expense. Cavities and small fractures can be filled with white resin or silver amalgam. If left untreated, they can become deeper cavities, could get infected, and may start dying. Filling cavities early avoids the complications that would result in root canals or extraction, should you neglect the bad tooth until you have no choice but to fix it. We have a wide range of family care dentistry services aimed at preventing tooth loss, including root canals.

Though root canals aren’t the painful and time consuming family care dentistry process that they used to be, they are no less expensive. Catching a cavity or small fracture early helps you to avoid the potential need for a root canal and can have you smiling confidently faster and for far less. However, there are times when a root canal is the only solution regardless of your dedicated oral hygiene regime. When that happens, Winn Family Dentistry is standing by to help, even in an emergency. Our family care dentistry team will do everything possible to keep your costs down while providing you with the care you need.

Your teeth are important to us, and we want to make sure that you have the best possible outcome. Dr. Winn of Winn Family Dentistry specializes in root canals and has taken a special interest in them since he was in dental school. He has made the switch to rotary endodontics, a family care dentistry process that makes root canals easier.

Rotary endodontics uses an electric motor to perform root canals instead of the hand files that were previously used. The electric device makes the quality of the root canal better and also shortens the time you will be in the chair. Contrary to popular opinion, a root canal doesn’t have to be painful, and here at Winn Family Dentistry, we guarantee it will be pain free. Visit us for a consultation today and see why we’re considered one of the top family care dentistry options in the area.