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If you are looking for a dentist, Chippewa Falls residents need look no further. We are members of the Wisconsin Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Our practice focuses on general and family dentistry so we can treat your whole family. As a dentist, Chippewa Falls is our home as well as yours, and we want our patients to feel comfortable being in our hands. Whether it’s a little one with teeth just starting to sprout or an elderly parent who needs help with dentures, we’re the dentist Chippewa Falls residents turn to.

As we age, we can experience bone loss in our teeth or problems with our gums. This can result in loose, missing, or deteriorating teeth, leaving no solution but tooth extraction followed by dentures. Even if you already have dentures, sometimes the bone shrinks over time and your dentures no longer fit correctly. This can cause problems with your speech and can interfere with your ability to eat. But ill fitting dentures don’t have to be a problem. A simple reline can make your dentures fit better and improve your quality of life. A dentist Chippewa Falls-based can install dentures that will give you the chance to look and feel great about your smile. But don’t trust just any dentist; Chippewa Falls residents need to turn to the best!

Sometimes you have a tooth that is so damaged it can’t be saved, leaving extraction as your only option. It isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you have to live your life toothless. You also don’t have to invest in expensive implants to replace the missing tooth. If you have strong teeth alongside the missing one, you may be a candidate for a partial denture. A partial denture is anchored by the remaining teeth and restores the missing one. As a professional and experienced dentist, Chippewa Falls patents can count on our team to give them the dentures they need.

Some people find it difficult to eat or talk with dentures because the dentures can move around. That no longer has to be an issue. The new standard method of care for lower dentures is implants. Two implant fixtures are placed into the bone by an oral surgeon. After they heal, you are able to snap the denture into place on the two implants and your lower denture stays right where it belongs. As a top dentist, Chippewa Falls patients can rest easy knowing we offer only the best in dental implants. We will refer you to an excellent oral surgeon in the area to perform the implant procedure. Then you will return to us to be fitted with your dentures. By the time we’re finished you’ll be as good as new. For the most professional and experienced dentist, Chippewa Falls patents have come to the right place.

Taking Your Child to the Dentist

For some reason children dread going to the dentist. It may be because they’ve heard horror stories from their friends or it may just be a comment made on a TV show about dentists. Whatever the reason, it’s important for your child to start going to the dentist early. It demonstrates the importance of proper care for your teeth, and it also lets them get familiar with the dentist before they have problems. This will make dentist visits easier on you as your child grows. Winn Family Dentistry can provide your whole family dental care starting with your pre-school child.

Many people wait to take their children to their family dental care professional until their permanent teeth come in. They think that the baby teeth will fall out anyway so there’s really no point in seeking family dental care that early. The reason this thinking is incorrect is because many problems that may crop up with adult teeth can be spotted when your child still has his or her baby teeth. This early warning can allow you and your dentist to come up with a plan for your child long before the problem surfaces. The dentist can then take steps to minimize not only the problem but the expense you will incur. In addition, an early diagnosis can also give you time to save in case the problem will result in the need for orthodontia of some kind.

You’re probably wondering what types of problems can be spotted when your child has only baby teeth. You would be amazed at what can be discovered by taking x-rays of emerging teeth. Your family dental care professional can spot many anomalies that you wouldn’t discover until the adult teeth grew in and the problem surfaced. Many of these problems can be genetic in origin. You may find that when the family dental care expert tells you the problem and what can result if steps aren’t taken to correct it, you will remember that one of your relatives had that same problem.

For example, your family dental care expert may take x-rays that show that though your child has all of his baby teeth, certain teeth have no roots for adult teeth. He might see that some of the adult teeth are coming in at an angle and want to keep an eye on them. These are things that can be planned for only if your child begins receiving family dental care early and often.

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Everyone likes a bright smile and white teeth, and if you take care of your teeth, this is an easily attainable goal. Unfortunately, many people avoid the dentist until they have a problem with their teeth. They think that brushing regularly and flossing are sufficient and their teeth will last forever. When they do have a problem and visit their family dental specialist, they openly wonder how they could have dental problems since they scrupulously care for their teeth.

Our family dental hygienists hear this frequently when a patient comes in after avoiding dentists for years. While brushing and flossing certainly can maintain the condition of your teeth, there are many factors that can cause you to have dental problems as well. That’s why at Winn Family Dentistry, we are committed to preventive family dental work. With periodic exams, x-rays, and hygiene recalls, we can frequently spot problems in their early stages and can take steps to correct them before they become an emergency situation.

Preventive family dental work is relatively inexpensive compared to the amount it would cost to fix problems that result from too few trips to the dentist. Though you get your teeth cleaned by brushing and flossing, a professional cleaning can reach areas your toothbrush can’t. Plaque can build up and become hardened to the point that regular brushing won’t remove it. Our family dental professionals have special instruments to remove this plaque during routine cleaning. This helps prevent the formation of cavities.

Another benefit to preventive family dental procedures is the protection of your gums. Vigorous brushing can sometimes damage the gums or the tooth enamel. This can cause your gums to bleed and can lead to gingivitis. When you visit your dentist for a routine cleaning, he will examine not only your teeth but also your gums. If he sees problems, he can correct them.

He may instruct his family dental hygienist to talk to you about your dental hygiene habits, the toothbrush you use, the toothpaste, or your flossing routine. The hygienist may find that you’re using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard. These could cause enamel loss if you brush too vigorously. You may be brushing improperly, which could be causing damage to your gums. Your hygienist is well qualified to instruct you on proper brushing techniques and can recommend the proper toothbrush for you. If you have sensitive teeth, your family dental hygienist may recommend a toothpaste designed specifically for this problem.

Root Canals

Problems with your teeth can range from minor to severe and can have a variety of causes ranging from poor dental hygiene to an injury to your tooth. Untreated, even a minor problem such as a small cavity can rapidly transform into a much larger problem that forces you to visit your family care dentistry professionals. It can leave you miserable, in pain, and unhappy. Fortunately, our family care dentistry ensures that everyone in your household can be taken care of regardless of age or need.

Regular visits to your family care dentistry professional can identify problems early. With early intervention, they can be corrected with minimal pain and expense. Cavities and small fractures can be filled with white resin or silver amalgam. If left untreated, they can become deeper cavities, could get infected, and may start dying. Filling cavities early avoids the complications that would result in root canals or extraction, should you neglect the bad tooth until you have no choice but to fix it. We have a wide range of family care dentistry services aimed at preventing tooth loss, including root canals.

Though root canals aren’t the painful and time consuming family care dentistry process that they used to be, they are no less expensive. Catching a cavity or small fracture early helps you to avoid the potential need for a root canal and can have you smiling confidently faster and for far less. However, there are times when a root canal is the only solution regardless of your dedicated oral hygiene regime. When that happens, Winn Family Dentistry is standing by to help, even in an emergency. Our family care dentistry team will do everything possible to keep your costs down while providing you with the care you need.

Your teeth are important to us, and we want to make sure that you have the best possible outcome. Dr. Winn of Winn Family Dentistry specializes in root canals and has taken a special interest in them since he was in dental school. He has made the switch to rotary endodontics, a family care dentistry process that makes root canals easier.

Rotary endodontics uses an electric motor to perform root canals instead of the hand files that were previously used. The electric device makes the quality of the root canal better and also shortens the time you will be in the chair. Contrary to popular opinion, a root canal doesn’t have to be painful, and here at Winn Family Dentistry, we guarantee it will be pain free. Visit us for a consultation today and see why we’re considered one of the top family care dentistry options in the area.

Investing in Your Oral Health

At some point in our lives, we have to make decisions on what kind of investments we should make that will benefit us later in life. Some people who have extra money opt to purchase large homes, while others with minimal resources prefer to invest in quality products and services that will last them a long time. However, one very significant thing that many of us should invest in but often take for granted is our health—physical, mental, and oral. Many people ignore the last one because of their fear of the dentist.

There are millions of people who tend to forget to go to the dentist office regularly. They will only get an appointment once they feel something is wrong. While yearly general checkups are encouraged, some only make the visit to the dentist office when they’re in unbearable pain. Even then, some will suck it up and still avoid the dentist office even if they’re hurting.

Every individual regardless of age needs to make it a point to have his or her teeth checked at least every year, although most dentist prefer to see their patients come through the doors of their dentist office every six months. Even if you are not experiencing any pain or have had a tooth chip, it is still very important to have your dentist check on the condition of your teeth.

You may not see or feel then, but cavities might be present building tartar or plaque on your teeth. This sticky layer of bacteria will harden if not removed and will eventually lead to different kinds of oral diseases. Even if you brush your teeth three times a day and floss every single time you can, plaque cannot be eliminated. Nevertheless, if you have a good and healthy set of teeth, your dentist will do a professional cleaning when you visit the dentist office. The special tools used can remove built-up plaque easily.

Take time to visit your dentist office regularly, even if you don’t believe you need to. Just like your doctor encourages you to visit every year at a minimum in order to stay on top of any health issues, your dentist needs to examine your teeth regularly to make sure nothing is developing. Going to the dentist office every year will help you maintain a perfect set of teeth as well as prevent diseases associated with poor dental hygiene. Don’t let the dentist office be a place of fear for you.

Welcome to Winn Family Dentistry

Welcome to Winn Family Dentistry. Our practice focuses on general and family dentistry, and our skilled and professional staff is ready to help you maintain excellent oral health and a winning smile. Patients of all ages are welcome, which is a plus for those with children because we can handle all of your general and family dentistry needs. Whether you have perfect teeth or problem teeth, we can find a solution and get your oral health back on the right track.

Our general and family dentistry services range from preventive dentistry to root canals, crowns, and dentures. No matter what the problem, we can handle it or will refer you to skilled specialists should the need arise. We use some of the latest general and family dentistry techniques and tools that make even the most complicated procedures less painful and time consuming. We can even decrease the length of time you feel the effects of anesthesia so you can speak, smile, drink, and eat much more quickly after a dental procedure.

Our general and family dentistry hygienists are dedicated to maintaining your periodontal health. With routine cleanings, the state of your teeth and gums is assessed and corrective action is taken. This saves you time and money by catching minor issues before they become major problems. Catching problems early helps you to avoid infection, pain, tooth loss, plus help lower your bills.

Everyone wants a bright, healthy smile and beautiful white teeth, and our general and family dentistry professionals can help you with that. We offer two types of teeth whitening to brighten your smile. We have the traditional teeth whitening option, and we also offer Sinsational teeth whitening, an easy, comfortable, faster, and affordable option.

We realize that your dental insurance doesn’t cover all of the costs associated with general and family dentistry and that it can be expensive, particularly if you need root canals or other complex procedures. If you don’t have dental insurance, a beautiful smile may seem even more out of reach. At Winn Family Dentistry, we don’t want cost to get in the way of your oral health. That’s why we offer several methods of payment and even offer financing should you need it. We have three-month plans that are interest free and five-month plans with very low interest. We will work with your insurance company and develop plans that will maximize your benefits.

With Winn Family Dentistry behind you, you never have to worry about your oral health again. Our general and family dentistry experts are ready to help make your smile dazzle!