Cleaning Your Teeth Before the Dentist

For quality oral health, the teeth need to be brushed twice a day along with flossing. On top of your regular dental routine, visits to your dentist need to be completed at least every six months in order to have your teeth cleaned. When scheduling your visit, it is important to focus on how clean your teeth are before you arrive. You want to have clean teeth, so your checkup will be complete with no issues and you are impressing your dentist with a clean mouth!

Brushing Properly

Brushing your teeth should be done every day, but even if you are brushing them, are you doing it properly? Brushing the right way ensure the teeth have the best results and your teeth are clean during your next checkup. Extra time needs to be devoted to brushing your teeth each and every time, particularly before you visit the dentist.

Start by using a soft bristled brush and adding your toothpaste. Use the brush at a 45-degree angle, starting at the gumline. Brush back and forth gently on the gums before moving to the teeth. Start on the outside of the teeth and backsides, then moving on to the front. Be sure to cover all areas of the mouth, including the molars for an overall clean.

Flossing and Mouthwash

After brushing, the teeth need to be flossed. Any food particles or plaque that is stuck to the teeth needs to be removed. Start at the back bottom two teeth and use floss to clean out any areas that might have been missed by the toothbrush. After flossing, be sure to finish your cleaning with mouthwash. This will help to rinse out any particles as well as disinfect the mouth.

For all your teeth cleaning needs, contact us today for more information. We are happy to assist by scheduling an appointment for service.