Combat Bad Breath and Still Eat Your Favorite Foods

We all know that certain foods create bad breath. Onions and garlic are often avoided to ensure that breath stays fresh. But you don’t have to avoid the foods you love if you learn how to prevent the foods from affecting your breath. You can be proactive by making the right oral health choices, avoiding major bad breath issues.

Be Proactive

The first step to ensuring fresh breath is to be proactive. If you are going out for dinner, carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you. This will allow you to brush your teeth quickly after dinner to avoid having bad breath after eating spicy or garlic foods. Visit the bathroom quickly to brush your teeth to avoid bad breath issues.

Avoid Coffee Breath

Another common issue involving bad breath is coffee. Many adults rely on coffee to get a jump start on the day. If you drink coffee, you know it can cause your breath to have a bitter smell. When drinking coffee in the morning, follow it with water. This will help to rinse the smell of the coffee from your breath.

It is also important to note that coffee and other caffeinated beverages can create dry mouth. With a dry mouth, bacteria are also able to survive and thrive which leads to bad breath. The saliva is unable to wash away bacteria as it normally would. The lack of saliva creates bad breath. When you have dry mouth, be sure to drink water to help wash away bacteria to avoid bad breath.

Stinky Fish Foods

One of the smelliest but tastiest foods to have during lunch or dinner is fish. From tuna to lobster, fish and seafood can have an odor that lingers on the breath. While you enjoy the food and find it high in protein, fish and seafood can lead to bad breath. Be sure to carry chewing gum with you when dining at a seafood restaurant to help freshen breath. Chewing gum can also help to create saliva which works to remove food particles that can stick to the teeth after eating fish.

Another quick tip is to add lemon to your fish. Adding lemon and even vinegar to the fish, you will reduce the odor which helps to eliminate the creation of bad breath.

Oral Care

Breath will continue to smell great when you practice good oral care habits. Even if you like to enjoy strongly flavored foods, you don’t have to worry about bad breath. Be prepared and continue good oral habits to ensure your breath is always fresh. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss to promote healthy teeth and gums. Rinse with a quality mouthwash to provide additional protection against germs you may encounter during meal time.

When it comes to bad breath, you have options. On top of practicing proper dental health, it is important to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. Contact our Cadot dental office today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about bad breath issues and resolutions.