Common Denture Problems: What You Need to Know

Dentures are an important dental solution for tooth loss. For decades, dentures have been used to restore a smile based on teeth loss as well as to improve the process of eating and talking. Today’s dentures are advanced, more natural looking and providing a better fit than ever before. It is important for denture wearers to take care of their teeth so that problems do not occur. When you wear dentures, it is essential that you get to know common problems. By learning more about what can go wrong, you can make the right decision to prevent or treat common issues.

Common Dental Problems

If you wear dentures, you must keep your mouth healthy and clean. Only wear dentures that fit you properly. If you have dentures that do not fit right, then they can cause an issue. When you try on dentures that are made for you and they feel uncomfortable, be sure to alert your dentist.

Dentures that do not fit can cause irritation in the gums and mouth as well as create problems for eating and speaking. Dentures that move in the mouth are not working correctly and you may be subject to mouth infections. It is important to treat any denture issues quickly by alerting your dentist. This way, the appliance can be adjusted or replaced to ensure you have a smile that works correctly.

Over time, your dentures may stop fitting. As we age, our bones and gums change. Your dentures may begin to not fit as well and need to be adjusted or replaced. When you feel like your dentures are not fitting anymore, contact the dentist to have your dentures reviewed.

In the beginning, you may have trouble speaking or eating with your dentures in. try to speak slowly and be patient with yourself. It may take practice to be able to say more challenging words. If your dentures start to move around when you smile or laugh, bite down gently. This will help to put the dentures back in place.

As far as eating is concerned, you want to start with soft foods. If you are having trouble eating, take your time in introducing harder foods. Avoid eating anything sticky and chew your food very slowly. Use both sides of your mouth at the same time when you chew to stop any moving or tipping of your dentures.

Over time, both eating and speaking will be easier to do.


A common problem that can occur with dentures is cheilitis. This is an infection that causes pain, with inflammation taking place in the corner of the mouth along with cracking. This is caused by yeast. When wearing dentures, the moist areas of the mouth will accumulate yeast. This happens when dentures do not fit correctly.

To prevent this from happening, visit the dentist regularly. Appointments need to be made to ensure your overall oral health. The dentist will check to make sure your dentures fit properly and if any issue such as Cheilitis is present.

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