Dental Hygiene Tips for a Thorough Clean

We all know that brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing are important. However, this process does not guarantee that your mouth is getting the attention it needs to be healthy. It is important to ensure that you are spending adequate time in the bathroom taking care of your teeth. Below are a few tips to ensure that your teeth and gums are getting a thorough clean.

Proper Brushing

To begin, you want to be sure you are brushing your teeth properly. The brush needs to be at a 45-degree angle to the gums. When you brush, hit the sides and top of your teeth with short strokes that go back and forth. You will then need to move the brush in a vertical position and clean the back of your teeth with short strokes. This is essential, especially for the top and bottom from teeth as this is where plaque can build, and calcium deposits can form over time.

Length of Brushing

Teeth should be brushed twice a day for two minutes each time. Two minute is really a long time and most people do not brush the appropriate length needed for clean and healthy teeth and gums. If you have trouble sticking to this time frame, consider setting a timer or listening to a song that is the length needed to brush to get that time in.

Using Mouthwash

After flossing, be sure to use a mouthwash to clean the mouth. You want to remove any remaining debris from your mouth, so you do not have gum issues like gingivitis. You will get a more thorough clean if you use mouthwash after each brushing.
To learn more about proper brushing and cleaning techniques, contact our office today. We can provide an appointment to review your teeth and gums to ensure that you are brushing and flossing correctly.