How a Sedation Dentist Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for many and it can be understandable that many will have anxiety. When you have dental anxiety or fear, it is a common occurrence that happens to many patients.

However, you will love knowing that your chippewa falls dentist will do everything they can to help keep you relaxed and calm throughout your dental visit. That way, there will not be any interference with your treatment.

You may be wondering how your dentist will be able to help alleviate your anxiety. This will be done by recognizing it so that the proper response can be provided by the dentist through conversation.

Although a conversation is a great start to relieving anxiety, there are other methods available such as receiving oral sedation.

Using Oral Sedation for Anxiety Relief

When oral sedation is used, it delivers medications that are able to sedate the patient to a level that keeps them calm and free of anxiety. Once this calm feeling has been achieved, they are able to receive the necessary care. Many types of sedation are available and are delivered in different methods.

In order to determine the appropriate amount of sedation, your entire medical history needs to be reviewed. Besides this, the treatment and amount of fear and anxiety will also be determined. If a patient is experiencing a high level of anxiety or their treatment will be lengthy, then the amount of sedation will be deeper.

Types of Dental Sedation

At our chippewa falls dental clinic, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for sedation purposes. Besides nitrous, there are other forms of sedation available that a patient may receive prior to their treatment. No matter which sedation method is used, they will be equal to the amount of anxiety a patient is feeling and the type of treatment is needed. The other sedation types used involve the following:

The Local Sedative

Having a local sedative will allow the dentist to inject an amount of sedative directly into the area. This injection will block nerves and prevent you from feeling any pain. For the most part, the local sedative will only involve a feeling of pressure, which is dependent upon what dental procedure is being conducted.

An Oral Sedative Pill

When a strong sedative is needed beyond nitrous oxide, they will typically be given an oral sedative pill a few hours prior to their procedure.When the sedative pill is taken, there will be an increased amount of sedation as compared to the other forms of sedation. Plus, once you have been sedated, you will be awake for the entire duration of your appointment.

Direct Sedation through Intravenous Therapy

If you choose to have sedation because of an extreme amount of anxiety and you want to be calm quickly, then having direct sedation through intravenous therapy will be for you. A lot of times, this type of sedation will be for lengthy or complicated procedures. The IV sedation will be injected directly into your vein and then adjusted and monitored appropriately.


When you visit your dentist Chippewa Falls WI, they will listen to your fears and explain how their experience has allowed them to handle any amount of anxiety. The dentist will also review your entire medical history and determine the amount of sedation that will be needed. No matter which sedation type your dentist clinic Chippewa Falls uses, your oral health will be in the best hands. When you are ready to overcome your fear and anxiety from visiting the dentist, then you should get in touch with us today to show you how.