Is Your Smile Ready for an Upgrade? Consider Dental Veneers

Most people would prefer to have a smile that is slightly different in appearance than the one they have. Whether they want teeth that are straighter, a smile with fewer gaps, or teeth with a whiter appearance, most anyone can find something they would like to improve.
If this is you, the good news is that there is something you can do. Here at Winn Family Dentistry we have been practicing dentistry in Bloomer for a long time, and one thing we are good at is helping people just like you.
We can create a custom set of dental veneers just for you. Once we’re finished, you will have the smile you have always wanted. Here is more information.

What Are Veneers?
A dental veneer is a very thin piece of material that fits over the top of your existing tooth. It covers the tooth and changes the way that it appears. A veneer can be used to change the color of your teeth, as well as slight the changing the shape, length, and spacing of your teeth.
Once you have had dental veneers installed, they are considered permanent, although they do sometimes become detached from the teeth. If this does happen, it is not a huge emergency. Simply bring the dental veneer with you and come see us right away. We can re-attach the veneer with a minimal amount of trouble.

What is the Process for Getting Veneers?
When you decide that you want to get dental veneers, we will first take a look at your smile. This will help us to determine exactly what type of the near you need. Once we have determined this, we will fabricate of the veneers our dental laboratory.
We will have you come back to the office for a second visit once your veneers are ready. We will then very lightly etch the surface of your existing teeth. While this may sound like an unpleasant experience, it is so light and minor that most people don’t even notice it. The etching will improve the adhesion between the veneer and your natural teeth.
After edging your teeth, we will attach the veneers to your teeth using a specialized dental adhesive. This adhesive is exceedingly strong and will keep the veneer on the tooth for years to come.
Once your veneers are completely attached, simply care for them the same way that you care for your natural teeth. Brush them regularly, floss between the teeth, and come see us for a regularly-scheduled dental cleaning. Doing this will help to ensure that your veneers remain bright and shiny—not to speak of keeping your natural teeth healthy and happy.
We are proud of our family dental practice in Bloomer. We have worked a long time to establish our reputation, and we want you to see why we have so many satisfied patients. If you have any questions about dental veneers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!