Regain Your Confidence with Teeth Whitening Dental Services

As we age, the teeth begin to change colors. The foods we eat, beverages we drink as well as other activities such as smoking and drinking wine, all have an effect on the color of our teeth. Teeth go from being white to yellow or even brown. When your teeth begin to become overly discolored, it can lead to self-confidence issues. Thankfully, there are ways you can brighten your smile and bring back the white appearance to your teeth.

Feeling Confident

If your teeth have turned yellowish or are browning, you may not feel comfortable or even smiling. The ability to smile freely has a big impact on your self-confidence. To feel good about yourself, take time to speak to your dentist about teeth whitening services. There are options available over the counter, but having a professional provide the whitening service for you ensures that you get a quality white that will help to restore your overall smile confidence.

With a few treatments, the color of your teeth can be restored to a bright white. You will feel better about speaking and smiling in public, which helps to restore your overall confidence.

The Process

There are several ways in which the dentist can provide you with a teeth whitening treatment. One of the most common is using trays that are fitted to the teeth. Trays are customized to your teeth that will be used to hold a bleaching gel. The gel activates on your teeth while the trays are in place to brighten your smile.

The process involves having your teeth fitted for customized trays. Once the trays have been fabricated, the dentist will place them on your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. The bleaching gel is then placed inside the trays and the trays are inserted into your mouth. After a short period of time, the trays are removed.

The whitening process can take several applications to achieve the bright white you may be looking for. Once completed, the white look will remain for some time before the process will need to be repeated.

Maintaining a Whiter Smile

Once you have completed a whitening treatment, you will want to maintain your smile. Avoid drinking such beverages as tea, coffee, and wine as they can cause staining on your teeth. Smoking can also cause staining and should be avoided. If you can avoid these drinks and smoking, the whitening treatment will last longer.

Whitening treatments can continue on a scheduled basis to maintain the bright white smile. You will need to consult with your Dentistry Cadott office to determine the time frame in which to schedule whitening appointments. Your lifestyle as well as how you care for your teeth plays a role in the time frame between visits.

Talk to your dentist about your options when it comes to teeth whitening. Learning the best way to whiten your smile and maintain it will help to boost your confidence. You will be happier and ready to take on the world each and every day with a lovely smile!