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If you are looking for a dentist, Chippewa Falls residents need look no further. We are members of the Wisconsin Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Our practice focuses on general and family dentistry so we can treat your whole family. As a dentist, Chippewa Falls is our home as well as yours, and we want our patients to feel comfortable being in our hands. Whether it’s a little one with teeth just starting to sprout or an elderly parent who needs help with dentures, we’re the dentist Chippewa Falls residents turn to.

As we age, we can experience bone loss in our teeth or problems with our gums. This can result in loose, missing, or deteriorating teeth, leaving no solution but tooth extraction followed by dentures. Even if you already have dentures, sometimes the bone shrinks over time and your dentures no longer fit correctly. This can cause problems with your speech and can interfere with your ability to eat. But ill fitting dentures don’t have to be a problem. A simple reline can make your dentures fit better and improve your quality of life. A dentist Chippewa Falls-based can install dentures that will give you the chance to look and feel great about your smile. But don’t trust just any dentist; Chippewa Falls residents need to turn to the best!

Sometimes you have a tooth that is so damaged it can’t be saved, leaving extraction as your only option. It isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you have to live your life toothless. You also don’t have to invest in expensive implants to replace the missing tooth. If you have strong teeth alongside the missing one, you may be a candidate for a partial denture. A partial denture is anchored by the remaining teeth and restores the missing one. As a professional and experienced dentist, Chippewa Falls patents can count on our team to give them the dentures they need.

Some people find it difficult to eat or talk with dentures because the dentures can move around. That no longer has to be an issue. The new standard method of care for lower dentures is implants. Two implant fixtures are placed into the bone by an oral surgeon. After they heal, you are able to snap the denture into place on the two implants and your lower denture stays right where it belongs. As a top dentist, Chippewa Falls patients can rest easy knowing we offer only the best in dental implants. We will refer you to an excellent oral surgeon in the area to perform the implant procedure. Then you will return to us to be fitted with your dentures. By the time we’re finished you’ll be as good as new. For the most professional and experienced dentist, Chippewa Falls patents have come to the right place.