Teen Oral Health Care: What You Need To Know

Chippewa Falls Dental

Parents of teenagers know that life is super busy. From school work to sports, friends and family events, teenagers seem to be constantly on the go. For many, oral hygiene is not a major concern. However, improper oral health care in teens can mean teeth and gum problems as adults. As parents, it is important to teach your child a proper oral health care regimen so they can build proper habits. Below are a few tips to help you along the way!

Products for Teens

Your teen may not be interested in brushing their teeth properly. Most products for oral hygiene are not specific to teens, can be unappealing and have a strong flavor that they disagree with. Try to appeal to your teen’s tastes and style by trying new products. There are oral health care products that are high quality that is catered to the younger generation. With teen’s in mind, such products are better suited to keep your child brushing and flossing on a regular basis.

Tech Brushing

One way to make sure your teen is brushing their teeth for the allotted two minutes is to use a timer. Your teen can use an app that will help them to make sure they brush for the allotted time. Make it fun instead of a chore. Let your teen find an app they like, or even listen to a song on YouTube that is two minutes long to ensure they reach the time frame needed for brushing.

Limit Sugars

This is a more difficult task. It can be hard to limit the sugar intake of teens, especially if you are not with your child 24/7. Teens love sugary drinks and candy, but the sugar in these items can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Explain to your teen how the sugar affects their teeth and the importance of brushing on a regular basis after ingesting sugar items.

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