Dr. Winn glued my cap back on, and everything was perfect!

In July I was up in the Chippewa Falls Valley for a music festival when I had a crown break off, and it was lodged in my nighttime mouth piece. You can imagine my distress waking up, finding my back molar exposed! So here I am some 300 miles away from my dentist with a hole in my tooth. I asked the local authorities for suggestions of a dentist. The clinic they suggested informed me once I called that they could not see new patients. I pleaded that this was an emergency, and asked if they could make any exception. The answer was no! But I was so fortunate that the receptionist taking my call suggested her dentist. His office was right next door, and she thought that he probably could see me. What a blessing for me that she suggested them! They were able to fit me in, and I was able to see my whole day of musical events! They worked my in around the lunch hour. Dr. Winn glued my cap back on, and everything was perfect! There was absolutely no pain. The fit was perfect! I was so thankful. I am seriously considering making Dr. Winn my Dentist! He is only about 300 miles away. He is truly worth the trip. We all can agree how important it is to have a caring, compassionate, competent, and, on top of all of that, a great priced dentist!! I think that the fact that I am really considering driving 300 miles to see my dentist really says it all! Thanks so much to everyone who helped me in my desperate time of need. I do so appreciate EVERYTHING that all of you did!!!