… their procedure was so gentle, I never felt a thing!

When I was young I had a mishap with my braces that took all the enamel off my teeth. Since then my teeth have severely degraded and left me with nothing but jagged shards to chew with. For awhile I have been wanting to have them pulled and get dentures, but have been much to afraid to go to a dentist. I’m from phoenix AZ, and I began the procedure there where they only extracted two teeth, the healing time after was extremely painful and made me more fearful of another visit. Recently I moved back here to Wisconsin, and my teeth started to bother me again, so with the help of my grandparents we found Dr Daniel Winn’s dental office. Now in Arizona they had put me asleep for the procedure which was hundreds of dollars. Dr Winn and his dental hygienists extracted 7 teeth without putting me asleep, and their procedure was so gentle, I never felt a thing! Now I am healing and it goes without question Im a little sore but I am amazed how quickly my mouth is healing and how much better I feel. I would recommend anyone who has anxieties about going to the dentist to go to their office, for I no longer fear going to the dentist, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Winn and his wonderful staff for making this experience so much easier for me. Getting work done to get a beautiful smile back shouldn’t be something to dread and they have made this a cake walk for me, thanks guys!