Top Five Trends in Family Dental Care to Watch

Family Dental Center

You may not have been to a family dental center in Cadott for a few months because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but now that so many of us are getting out there again, there are some changes to dental practice. Here are some trends in family dental care in the Chippewa Falls area you need to watch out for.

New Trends at the Family Dental Center in Chippewa Falls

The largest trend in family dental care are the new pandemic protocols. When you or your kids come to visit the dentist, you will need to be masked, and have your temperature checked. The dentist may be wearing more protective gear than normal as well. This is all to make sure you and your family stay safe.

Also, your dentist may have switched how they clean your teeth. Many dentists used a blasting technique to get plaque from your teeth during cleaning, but they may be using a cleaning and polishing tool now instead. The results are much the same, with your teeth looking and feeling clean.

Many dentists have made the move towards digital x-rays as well. This is a real revolution in dentistry, because digital x-rays give the dentist an immediate look at your teeth. Images can be emailed, which makes dental consultations easier. You only have to get digital x-rays once a year. Another great new tool in dentistry are tiny cameras that fit right inside your mouth on a dental tool. This technology gives dentists a great way to look at problem areas in your mouth from every angle.

There are a couple of other trends you need to know about. Lasers are increasingly being used to find and fix all sorts of mouth issues. Lasers are able to detect a cavity before it shows up on an x-ray. Lasers can be used to clean dense plaque off teeth, and because there’s not a sharp instrument involved, there is no blood and very little pain. Lasers can even be used to whiten teeth.

Do you have crooked teeth as an adult, but you don’t want to wear braces? No worries. Clear teeth straighteners have made it into the mainstream. These aligners allow adults to straighten and fix their teeth without anyone finding out. Clear plastic aligners are the perfect way to have straight teeth with no wires, and very little maintenance.

With all of these great advancements coming out, it’s no wonder dental practices are busy. If you need some care for your teeth, or your family’s teeth, we can help. Contact Winn Family Dentistry today.