What to Expect During a Dental Extraction?

If you are getting a tooth removed, the dental extraction process is quite common. Many patients have to have teeth removed due to a number of reasons such as damage or overcrowding. The process will take a short time to complete and then require a minor recovery period. It can also take a few weeks for your mouth to heal. Learning more about the process will help you to feel more confident with the procedure and how to take care of yourself afterward.

During the Procedure

During a tooth extraction, a local anesthetic will be used to help you remain comfortable during the procedure. After the procedure, you may feel numb for some time as the medicine will wear off slowly. After the tooth is removed, a small square of gauze will be inserted in the empty space. This helps to promote clotting.

You will need to hold the gauze in place for a 30 to 45-minute time frame after the tooth has been removed. Once that time frame is up, you can remove the gauze. A small amount of bleeding may occur after and that is relatively normal.

Early Care

During the first 24-hours after the tooth extraction, you will need to treat your mouth with extra care. Do not rinse your mouth or brush the site where the tooth was removed. Do not smoke or use a straw as this can irritate the area. Any newly formed blood clot will be disrupted with these actions. You want to take care of yourself so the area can heal quickly without the need for dental repair.

Follow up care

After the first day, you will be ready to start your oral hygiene routine again. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush your teeth but avoid the extraction site for a few days. If you notice any swelling of the area, have severe pain, bleeding in excess or feel nauseated, contact your dentist. These symptoms could be a sign of an infection.

Filling the Empty Space

Depending on the reason for removing the tooth, you may already have a plan in place to restore your smile. It will take a few weeks for the site of the extracted tooth to heal before any restorative efforts can be made. There are several options that you can consider with the dentist as a way to restore your smile and regain your confidence.

The most common options are dental implants, bridges, and dentures. A dental implant uses a metal post that is attached to the bone and uses a crown to fill the empty space where your tooth was located. A bridge is a set of one or two teeth that are anchored to healthy teeth to provide you with a repaired smile. With dentures, you can have a full or partial that will be placed in the area where the teeth are missing. This option can be permanent or removable.

If you need a tooth extraction trust the top-rated Dentist Cadott office. With our help, your tooth can be removed, and options provided to restore your smile.