Why Proper Flossing is So Important

Any dentist in Cadott will tell you that you should floss your teeth on a regular basis. We strongly suggest that our patients floss at once in every 24 hour period. While most people have heard that flossing is important, we find that many of the patients who come to our family dental clinic in Cadott don’t fully understand the importance of proper flossing. Put differently, they know what they should do; they just don’t know why they should do it.

Flossing Cleans Below the Gum Line
Brushing your teeth is a vital part of regular oral hygiene practices. That being said, it is simply not possible to keep your teeth adequately clean if you only brush. This is because the bristles of the toothbrush cannot go below the gum line and clean out pockets of bacteria that are found there.
Using dental floss provides you a way to clean below the gum line, and you can reduce the bacterial pockets that often form there. Further, in situations where your teeth are packed tightly against one another, floss will let you clean between the teeth much better than merely brushing would.

Your Teeth and Gums Will Thank You
If you make it a regular part of your oral hygiene routine to floss, you will enjoy much better oral health. In addition to helping keep cavities at bay, proper flossing is a must if you are hoping to prevent gum disease. As gum disease can carry with it many other issues, you will find that your overall health is better when you properly floss on a regular basis.
Practicing dentistry in Cadott has many rewarding moments. One such moment is when we help yet another patient understand the importance of proper flossing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.