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Welcome to Winn Family Dentistry, where we put the Winn in winning smile! Our reputation as a Chippewa Falls dental clinic is second to none. We utilize state of the art technology, have fast and friendly service, listen to and exceed your expectations, because without You, we don’t exist.

Your Baby

It’s never too soon to begin caring for your mouth. With your newborn, the care starts from birth. A child is born with 20 primary teeth. baby’s 20 primary, or more commonly called baby teeth are already under the gums. Since tooth decay is the most prevalent childhood issue, it is very important to utilize preventative methods from day one. Wipe out your baby’s mouth with a soft cloth after each feeding, and never leave a bottle in your baby’s mouth while she’s sleeping. Even breast milk and formula can lead to tooth decay, so being proactive is the best way to maintain oral health. Give your baby clean pacifiers and never put honey, sugar, or anything else on them. It’s also not a good idea to “clean” her pacifier by licking it, or sharing a spoon or food. Tooth decay can begin with parents passing bacteria to their infant. When your child’s first tooth appears, bring him in to see us. As soon as your child has two teeth that touch, you should begin flossing them.


Brush your child’s teeth with an age-appropriate toothbrush, and continue to do so until you feel he can do it by himself. With a toddler, this can be a difficult feat, as he often wants to be in control. No problem! Let him take the lead, use age-appropriate toothpaste, and help him after he’s done. Be the tooth inspector and make a game of it.

Elementary School

Your child is definitely brushing her own teeth, but still needs guidance from you. Between ages 6 and 12, children lose a lot of teeth. These are also the ages where the tooth doesn’t seem to fall out on time, or she has a slip and fall, knocking out a tooth. We understand, and we’ll see her the same day for dental emergencies.

Middle and High School

By this age, your child is well into a dental routine. Even if he isn’t, it’s never too late to start dental care. Some kids develop cavities at this age, and have to be seen. Regular checkups and cleanings are not just about dental health; dental habits are equally important. You don’t want your child to develop the mindset that he only sees a dentist when there’s an issue. This causes him to have a negative association with dentists. In fact, it’s one of the reasons adults don’t want to see a dentist.

If you’re in Chippewa Falls, dental care can start with us. From just born to geriatrics, Winn Family Dentistry is here to help with your family’s dentistry needs. Contact us today and let us help you get a smile you are proud to show off!