Cosmetic Dentistry – What Are Your Options for Correcting Uneven Teeth

When you find yourself not smiling as often as you would like, you likely know that it will be caused by your teeth being uneven. While being an issue common with teeth, there are many options available to correct the unevenness. Your area Chippewa Falls dental clinic is able to provide you with a number of options that can bring back your beautiful smile.

What Causes Uneven Teeth

After getting a hold of our dentist clinic chippewa falls, we will explain the possible causes for teeth to become uneven. Some of these causes may include age, grinding teeth, genetics, accidents, or even poor oral hygiene.

No matter what caused your unevenness, it is nice to know that a Chippewa Falls dentist will be able to correct your dental issues by implementing one of the corrective methods listed below.

Porcelain Veneers

When you make an appointment for your uneven teeth, the dentist may suggest veneers. The veneers are an appliance that gets bonded on the front of the teeth and enables you to hide the uneven appearance of the teeth. The good part is that the veneers are noninvasive and can have you smiling again in a short amount of time.

Besides hiding the uneven teeth, the veneers that your dentist Chippewa Falls Wi applies will also be able to enhance your current bite and not require any dental care that is extensive later on.

By having veneers, you have a great option that many others use to correct many issues concerning teeth and not just when they are uneven.

Dental Bonding

Another bonding treatment option that helps to correct uneven teeth is dental bonding. This procedure is also short and can help your smile to return to normal. When you have dental bonding applied, it takes the shape and color of your teeth after the dentist sculpts it on the teeth. A hardening of the resin then takes place and the teeth are polished. You will be all done and able to go home after the bonding has cured.

Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring is a process that reshapes the teeth. This is completed by having some enamel shaved off with a bur instrument. This enables the unevenness to be corrected by contouring the length, surface, or shape of the teeth. Ultimately, the teeth will be able to create a consistent smile again.

Besides uneven teeth, the contouring is also able to fix crowding and chips. The front teeth are commonly contoured more than the others and there is little to no pain involved.

The Clear Aligner

The clear aligner is used along the same lines of braces but appear more appealing. Being made of a clear plastic, the aligner is able to provide a certain amount of discreteness in order to correct uneven teeth through straightening. Most commonly, a clear alignment tray will be integrated so they can be hardly noticed while being worn.

The way a clear aligner works is by shifting the teeth into their designated space over time. There will be several trays used in order to achieve the necessary evenness of the teeth.

Get Your Uneven Teeth Corrected Today

When you are looking to regain your smile, you need to know that you have options available. This is why it is important to get in touch with your Chippewa Falls dental clinic today. They will have your uneven teeth corrected so that you can regain your confidence and perfect smile.