Dental Care for Special Needs Children

As a parent, learning how to balance the requirements of a special needs child can be a challenge. Medical issues usually take center stage and dental care often falls to the wayside. Falling behind on dental care can become an issue as children with special needs often have more dental problems than children without special needs. Dental care needs to be provided to ensure any issues with the teeth and gums are cared for properly.

Special Needs Children Oral Conditions

Children with Down syndrome and other genetic disorders can cause a delay in the eruption of teeth. Children can have extra teeth during an eruption or malformed teeth as well as missing teeth. When a special needs child has crowded teeth or misalignment, it can lead to gum disease in the future or tooth decay. This is due to being unable to clean the teeth properly because of the crowding or misalignment.

Children who have cerebral palsy or an intellectual disability are prone to grinding their teeth. This can lead to enamel issues over time. The most common dental issues a child with special needs faces is tooth decay and gum disease. Medications that children take can cause dry mouth which can lead to faster development of tooth decay. Combine that with teeth issues like crowding, misalignment, and grinding, and the problem is only exacerbated.

Proper Teeth Care

From the very beginning, it is important to practice quality teeth care. Once your child’s teeth erupt, they need to be brushed two times a day with a soft bristle brush. As the child ages, they can learn how to brush and floss themselves. Regular trips to the dentist need to be scheduled to ensure teeth are being brushed correctly and those permanent teeth have room to grow and come in straight.

Any issues that your child may be facing can be determined during a dental visit. Cavities can be filled, misalignments adjusted, and other services provided to ensure your special needs child is well-cared for and their overall teeth health is positive.

Be mindful of your child’s diet. Nutritious meals should be provided with starchy and sugary foods avoided. From a young age, a quality diet will ensure your child will avoid acid issues that can cause decay. Offer your child healthy snacks and save special treats of the sweet variety for special occasions.

A Family Dentist

Your special needs child will need quality care for their teeth, from a young age through adulthood. Finding the right Family Dental Chippewa Falls office is a must. By starting your child at a family dentist early, they can get to know the staff and feel comfortable during an appointment. Going with you to an appointment helps the child to see how the staff provides treatment and they can feel more comfortable with their own appointments.

When it comes to dental care for special needs children, rely on our expert team. Schedule an appointment today for any dental care needs or call our office to find out more about our dental treatment options.