Does Chewing Ice Really Hurt?

If you are like most people in this country, as a child your parents probably told you over and over that you could not chew ice. And, like most kids, you most likely ignored them. You might even have rolled your eyes and thought that they were just repeating an old wives’ tale. So, who was right: you, or your parents?
We at Winn Family Dentistry are a family dental clinic in Cadott. We have been practicing dentistry in Cadott for years, and we have seen what can happen when children disregard the advice of their parents: that’s right, your parents were telling the truth.

What’s the Harm?
You may think that it is harmless to crunch a little bit of ice here and there. However, chewing ice can lead to a number of problems in your mouth.
For one thing, you need to remember that just because you cannot see damage does not mean that it is not there. Chewing ice can lead to tiny fractures in the enamel of your teeth. The these small fractures can eventually grow into larger problems.
If you have recently had dental work done on your teeth, chewing ice can really cause you some issues. In addition, the tiny piece of ice can actually be quite sharp, and can lead to damage to your gum or other soft tissue in the mouth.
Any dentist in Cadott will tell you: chewing ice is a bad idea.

If you just like the crunching sensation, consider snacking on something like celery, carrot sticks, or other similar fruits or vegetables. Or, try some sugarless gum if you just like to have something to chew on.
By avoiding the ice crunching temptation, you can help keep your teeth happy and healthy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today!