Getting a Bridge

When you have damaged a tooth, you can often repair it using a filling, a crown, or even a veneer. However, if you have lost a tooth completely you do not have these options. In such an instance, we at Winn Family Dentistry often recommend considering a bridge. At our family dental practice in Cadott, we have a great deal of experience in fabricating and installing bridges.
But we take a great deal of pride in our reputation as one of the leading dentistry facilities in Cadott. Although any dentist in Cadott may be able to tell you about a bridge, we find that few of them have the experience in creating them and putting them in that we do.
Take a few moments to read this article about bridges, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You may call us at the office, or simply bring it up at your next regularly-scheduled cleaning.

Why Do You Need a Bridge?
Some people might think that a missing tooth is not a big deal. After all, they may think, there are 32 of them to begin with, so what’s the big deal if one is gone?
The problem is, your teeth are not stationary. They actually move around in your mouth. As such, if a tooth is missing, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will begin to move into the space where the tooth once sat. This can cause you to develop a misaligned bite and can result in excessive wear and tear on your remaining teeth.
Although there are a few solutions to this, one easy and simple one is getting a bridge. A bridge is simply a replacement tooth that is attached to anchors on either side of it rather than being implanted into the jawbone. Although a bridge is commonly used to replace a single tooth, in some cases it may be used to replace multiple teeth so long as the missing teeth are adjacent to one another.

How Does the Procedure Work?
When you come see us, we will take an impression of your teeth in order to ensure an exact match. But then we will create your bridge in our dental laboratory. We will have you return for a follow-up visit, during which the bridge will be our attached to the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile.
Once the bridge is in place, simply practice your normal oral hygiene routine. Keeping the anchor teeth healthy will help to ensure that the bridge continues to function as it was intended to.
Your bridge is designed to last for decades. However, on occasion, it may come loose from the anchor teeth. If that happens, simply come to us right away, and we can put it back in place.
Here at Winn Family Dentistry, we look forward to helping you keep your smile, happy and healthy for years to come. Come see us today!