Preventative Dentistry for Older Patients

Older adults must take time to learn more about preventative dentistry to ensure overall oral health as well as body health. Taking time to care for your teeth and visiting the dentist often can save you money as you age as well as prevent issues with the teeth and gums. Preventative dental care and routine visits to the dentist will help to lower dental expenses and maintain an overall high quality of life.

Monetary Savings

Today’s seniors are living on a tight budget, so unexpected dental care needs can be hard to cover. With preventative dentistry, the patient is able to have their teeth and gums evaluated and cared for as needed, helping to avoid issues later on such as tooth extractions or decay.
Dental visits can assist seniors in learning more about healthy oral habits as well as making smart choices in their lifestyle and diet. Teeth can last life time or at least longer when taken care of properly. Serious oral health problems can be avoided with regular visits such as periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease and Senior Health

A periodontal infection can affect the mouth but also other areas of the body. An unhealthy mouth can result in the onset of periodontal disease which can cause bone loss which leads to the removal of teeth. On top of mouth issues, periodontal disease puts patients at risk of health issues such as cardiovascular disease.
Taking advantage of preventative dentistry will help to ensure that any onset of periodontal disease is caught early. Other issues can also be found with regular exams, which leads to less money spent on oral health such as teeth extractions and dentures.
Have your teeth examined regularly and preventative measures taken to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and will last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about preventative dentistry or to schedule an appointment.