Teeth Grinding 101: Do I Need a Mouth Guard?

Bruxism is the officially terminology used to describe teeth grinding. Children as well as adults can grind their teeth while sleeping which can result in oral health issues. If you wake up and have a dull headache, pain in your teeth or sore jaw, you may be grinding your teeth. A common way to alleviate the issue is to use a night guard, which can be fitted for your mouth by a dentist. Learning more about teeth grinding and how to fix the condition will help you to learn what to do if you are subject to the condition.

Night Guard Application

If you feel that you are grinding your teeth at night, visit the dentist. Have your teeth and gums reviewed and the dentist can then suggest a treatment, such as a night guard. The appliance will be of high quality and fit well inside your mouth.
An impression of your mouth is taken and then a laboratory will create the appliance based on the impression. This helps to make the mouth guard more comfortable for you to wear. The night guard will help to prevent your teeth from chipping or cracking as well as any jaw muscle strain.
Teeth can easily be chipped or cracked when they are grinding together night after night. Your jaw muscles may also feel sore when you wake up due to the motion in your sleep.

Other Solutions

Along side a night guard, the dentist may suggest other methods to avoid teeth grinding. The action can occur due to stimulants before bed such a caffeine. It may be recommended that you cut back on your caffeine intake to stop teeth grinding. Medications may also be the cause. If so, the dentist may need to suggest an alternative.
When teeth are out of line, they can also cause grinding. Corrective measures like braces can work to straighten the teeth which will stop the grinding motion. This is course is more in-depth than the mouth guard solution, being more time consuming and costly.
Stress prevention can also be a solution. Bruxism if often caused by anxiety which is due to stress or underlying conditions in your life. The dentist may advise you to use methods of relaxation before bed including meditation or deep breathing. You may also want to try professional counseling to work on the underlying stressors and causes of anxiety to be able to avoid stress and teeth grinding.
Teeth grinding doesn’t have to be an issue. Whether you are grinding your teeth and disturbing your partners sleep, or you are suffering from oral health issues or pain due to the condition, a dentist can help. Have your teeth reviewed by a professional and discuss your options to see what you can do to stop grinding your teeth today.
Contact our office to learn more about the options for teeth grinding, including customized night guards. A solution can be found to help you stop grinding your teeth and enjoy quality oral health.