Taking Your Child to the Dentist

For some reason children dread going to the dentist. It may be because they’ve heard horror stories from their friends or it may just be a comment made on a TV show about dentists. Whatever the reason, it’s important for your child to start going to the dentist early. It demonstrates the importance of proper care for your teeth, and it also lets them get familiar with the dentist before they have problems. This will make dentist visits easier on you as your child grows. Winn Family Dentistry can provide your whole family dental care starting with your pre-school child.

Many people wait to take their children to their family dental care professional until their permanent teeth come in. They think that the baby teeth will fall out anyway so there’s really no point in seeking family dental care that early. The reason this thinking is incorrect is because many problems that may crop up with adult teeth can be spotted when your child still has his or her baby teeth. This early warning can allow you and your dentist to come up with a plan for your child long before the problem surfaces. The dentist can then take steps to minimize not only the problem but the expense you will incur. In addition, an early diagnosis can also give you time to save in case the problem will result in the need for orthodontia of some kind.

You’re probably wondering what types of problems can be spotted when your child has only baby teeth. You would be amazed at what can be discovered by taking x-rays of emerging teeth. Your family dental care professional can spot many anomalies that you wouldn’t discover until the adult teeth grew in and the problem surfaced. Many of these problems can be genetic in origin. You may find that when the family dental care expert tells you the problem and what can result if steps aren’t taken to correct it, you will remember that one of your relatives had that same problem.

For example, your family dental care expert may take x-rays that show that though your child has all of his baby teeth, certain teeth have no roots for adult teeth. He might see that some of the adult teeth are coming in at an angle and want to keep an eye on them. These are things that can be planned for only if your child begins receiving family dental care early and often.