This clinic offers a range of dental services, including preventive care, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

As an experienced and established dental practice, Winn Family Dentistry makes it their mission to provide the highest quality dental services to their clients and community. No matter how young or old the patients are, the treatment provided will surpass all expectations. No matter what type of service you require, you can be certain that your dental needs will be met by the numerous services that are offered such as the following professional dental services.

Dental Hygiene Care

When you make an appointment for teeth cleaning, you will be scheduled with one of their professional dental hygienists. They will conduct an initial exam of your teeth and gums first and answer any questions that you may have. Once the cleaning is complete, they will further educate you about brushing and flossing and what foods to cut back on to prevent stains. They will also schedule you for a future cleaning 6 months later.

Restorative Services

Having dental assistants on staff allows you to obtain great restorative dental care. By preventing dental issues, you are able to achieve great results. These results can stem from scheduling routine exams, fluoride rinses, teeth cleanings, and x-rays. You’ll also have some educating so that you will know what to look out for at home as you perform your dental care.

Dentistry for Children

No matter how young your child is, they are welcomed here at your local Chippewa Falls dental clinic. In fact, the younger the child is, the better because the baby teeth are just as important to take care of as their permanent teeth are. When you take your child to see the dentist, it should be to make them feel comfortable and to ensure that the parent is educated about the child’s dental needs. When you schedule your child’s appointments with your Chippewa Falls dentist, they will ensure the child’s needs are completely met.

Dental Restoration

Whether you need a crown, veneer, or a bridge, the dentists at Winn Family Dentistry will ensure that the structure of your teeth remain intact and appear as natural as possible after restoration. This means the crown, veneer, or bridge will be applied so that the results will last a lifetime.

While both the crown and bridge restorations are designed to replace missing teeth, the veneer takes an approach that is conservative and requires less removal of the teeth. The veneer is designed for teeth straightening and is cemented onto the teeth to help enhance your smile.

These restorations are all permanent fixes for dental issues because the appliances get bonded with dental cement.

Teeth Whitening Services

When you are looking for a brighter smile, then you will love getting your teeth whitened by our Chippewa Falls dental professional. Once you come in for your whitening, a tray will be fabricated to fit your teeth and allow the bleaching agent to do its magic. If you have existing crowns or fillings, the color will not be affected by the bleaching.

Dental Mouth Guards

When you want to keep your teeth fully protected from injury, a mouthguard will come in handy. Through our Chippewa Falls dental clinic we’ll make adjustments to your bite through the use of a mouth guard that can restore your bite and help to alleviate pain present within the temporomandibular joints. If anything, we can refer you to a specialist to help treat your TMJ issue.

Whether you need a night guard or sports guard, our clinic can get them fabricated to fit your teeth snugly.