Are Dentures Made from Durable Material?

When teeth are missing in adults, the common option to restore the smile is dentures. When several teeth are missing, it can lead to issues with eating and speaking. Adults can begin to feel self-conscious and avoid talking to others or even going out socially. Eating can also become difficult, causing the individual to miss out on favorite foods due to missing teeth. With dentures, there is a solution. But what are dentures made of? Are they durable and able to provide a solution for missing teeth long-term?

Understanding Denture Creation

When dentures are made, the teeth are created from types of porcelain or resin. Porcelain is the most desired material as it is more durable as well as a stronger option for creating quality dentures. Porcelain has several advantages which makes it a top choice for denture creation. The glass-like ceramic material has an appearance similar to the enamel of the teeth. The material can easily be color matched to your existing teeth, which helps create a more natural appearance.

The feel of porcelain is also similar to the natural teeth. When inserting the dentures for the first time and becoming used to the new teeth, the feel of porcelain helps the teeth to feel normal. When porcelain is created, heat is used, which helps to make the material stronger, which means longer lasting artificial teeth.

On the downside, porcelain is breakable. If the dentures were to be dropped on the floor, it could cause a problem. In most cases, porcelain is used more often with full dentures rather than a partial, where only a few teeth are replaced.

Acrylic resin is becoming a more popular material to be used for dentures, based on durability and adhering capability. Acrylic is better able to adhere to the base of the dentures and it is easier to get a better fit with this material. Is it important to review the aspects of both with your dentist to determine which option works best for you.

Fitting Process

For the dentures to stay inside your mouth comfortably, a framework must be created for support. this will be done whether you are in need of a partial or a full set of dentures. To ensure the framework will fit, the dentist will take an impression of your gums. The impression will then be used to make a mold for your dentures. This way, the mold will be an exact replica of your mouth and the dentures will fit correctly.

Once you have your new dentures, it is important to learn proper care. Learn how long they should last and what you need to do to ensure longevity. Oral hygiene habits will be one factor to consider to make sure the dentures last as long as possible. Using quality products and cleaning your mouth as well as the dentures will ensure they last for a long period of time.

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