Cosmetic Dentistry Services – A Reason for Your Enhanced Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Chippewa Falls

Everyone loves a healthy smile. Whether you are looking for a brighter smile, for straighter teeth, or to prevent future damage to your teeth, we have the solution you need. We offer cosmetic dentistry services such as whitening, crowns, veneers, whole or partial dentures, implants, or tooth extractions in Chippewa Falls.

Reasons to Enhance Your Smile

There are many reasons you may want to enhance your smile. Having a brighter or straighter smile can increase a person’s confidence substantially. In addition to the aesthetic and emotional reasons to enhance your smile, it can also help to prevent future damage that might occur to your teeth and gums. For instance, a missing tooth can leave a gap which allows bacteria to enter the gumline and plaque to build up against the surrounding teeth. This can lead to cavities or even tooth loss if not taken care of. Cosmetic dentistry is often overlooked as being unnecessary, however, it can be a crucial part of preventative dental care. Regular cleanings help to ensure general oral health for you and your family. Additionally, some degree of cosmetic repair may be required to achieve and maintain your perfect smile.

Types of Cosmetic Dental Repairs

A good thing to keep in mind when looking for a dentist near you is the type of cosmetic dentistry services offered. There are a few different types of cosmetic repairs. First, a simple teeth whitening can do wonders both aesthetically for your smile and emotionally for your confidence. In addition, this type of professional cleaning can remove plaque buildup before it becomes an issue. Secondly, crowns, veneers, and bridges can be used in a restorative process to protect a broken tooth’s remaining root structure. Teeth may become damaged due to a cavity, fracture, root canal, or another source, and a crown can protect the tooth as well as fill in the missing space in your smile. Thirdly, removable appliances such as whole or partial dentures can fill in the gap left by any missing teeth, lowering the risk of bacteria getting close to the exposed gumline. Fourth, implants serve a similar function, except that they are generally stronger since they are anchored into the jawbone. Lastly, in the case that one or more teeth are rotting or crowding other teeth, extraction may become necessary. Extraction is the complete removal of a tooth with its root.

Prevention is the most important part of having and maintaining a healthy smile. As a family dental center in Chippewa Falls, we put our focus on offering cosmetic dentistry services as a method of prevention. The healthier your teeth and gums are, the less likely you are to need reparative surgery. Stop in or give us a call if you think one of these services may be right for you. We strive to offer the best dentistry services in Cadott and enjoy giving our patients back their satisfied smiles. Look into cosmetic dentistry to gain confidence, have healthier teeth, and help prevent future damage.