Dental Implants – Procedure and Benefits

Dental Implants Chippewa Falls

When you are missing a tooth or more than one tooth, it can be embarrassing to smile. You may feel self-conscious when interacting with others. Missing teeth can limit what you are able to eat and can even affect that way you speak. In the old days of dentistry, you would have to get false teeth put in or you may have even been told it is best to remove all of your teeth and just have dentures made to put in their place.

Fortunately, modern dentistry gives us an alternative to this extreme solution. The modern solution is dental implants. Winn Family Dentistry is a dentist clinic in Chippewa Falls that is certified to provide implants as an option.

What Are Dental Implants?

That is a good question and you should know everything about any procedure you will have to live with. Since this is a blog and not a white paper, we’ll just give you the highlights. To start, this is as close as you can get to having a new natural tooth.

The implant itself is like a screw and is placed in your jawbone. There it bonds with your natural bone. Once bond, it becomes the base for supporting multiple crowns. An abutment is placed on top of the implant and becomes the base of the crown. So the implant becomes the root and the crown placed over the implant becomes the tooth. The crown is matched to the color of your natural teeth so it isn’t obvious that they are there. This is the only option to false teeth that actually stimulates bone growth.

What Are the Advantages?

Not all dental clinics in Chippewa Falls perform dental implants. Special equipment is needed and it is something that requires special training. When having dental work that may require multiple visits, you may start by wonder if there is a dentist near me that performs this type of procedure. We can help, and our location would be the first advantage.

Dental implants are stronger than traditional false teeth. Since they substitute missing roots with a titanium screw, they are far more sturdy and long-lasting than the traditional false tooth. Since implants screws stimulate bone growth, they, in effect, become part of your jaw and are better for your jaw health than the alternative.

If you have removable dentures, you can have several implants installed and they can become the base for a permanent bridge. If you don’t have enough bone, that problem can frequently be addressed also. If you are looking for a place to get dental implants in Chippewa Falls, look no further than Winn Family Dentistry.